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Helping You Secure Your Financial Future

At Strategic Wealth Investments, LLC, we understand that achieving financial security can be a complex and overwhelming task. That’s why our team of dedicated financial advisors is here to provide you with comprehensive financial advisor services in Knoxville, TN tailored to your unique needs and goals. With our expertise and personalized approach, our financial advisors can help you build a solid foundation for a secure and prosperous future.

Comprhensive Financial Planning with a holistic approach 

We don’t want to sit down and talk only about your investments.  We have an in depth planning process.  This financial planning involves all aspects of your financial life.  We ask a lot of questions and let you ask a lot of questions.  This allows us to make sure we are a good fit for each other.  Then, if we are a fit for each other, we move forward with a financial plan that includes everything from your income to any liability exposure you may have and everything in between.  

Protection Planning: Safeguarding What Matters Most
Life is uncertain, which is why protection planning is paramount. Our team will work closely with you to assess your insurance needs and create a comprehensive protection plan that safeguards you and your loved ones from unexpected events such as disability, illness, or death. Rest easy knowing that your family’s financial well-being is secure.
Retirement Income Planning: Enjoying Your Golden Years
Retirement should be a time of relaxation and fulfillment, not worry and anxiety. Our retirement income planning services will help you develop a personalized strategy to ensure that your retirement dreams become a reality. Whether it’s maximizing your savings, creating a steady income stream during retirement, or navigating complex retirement accounts, our financial planning services are here to guide you every step of the way.
Estate and Legacy Planning: Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Planning for the future means considering how you want to be remembered. Our estate and legacy planning services can assist you in preserving and transferring your wealth to future generations. From creating a comprehensive estate plan and minimizing estate taxes to setting up trusts and charitable giving strategies, we’ll help you shape your legacy in accordance with your values and goals.

Financial Advisor Services
Legal Planning: Ensuring Your Wishes Are Honored
Your legal affairs play a crucial role in executing your financial plans and protecting your interests. We collaborate closely with trusted legal professionals to provide you with a seamless approach to legal planning. Whether it’s drafting wills, establishing powers of attorney, or guiding you through the complexities of probate, our team is here to ensure your wishes are honored.
Tax Planning: Maximizing Your Tax Efficiency
Navigating the ever-changing tax landscape can be daunting. Our tax planning services are designed to help you minimize your tax liability and maximize your tax efficiency. Our experienced team will work closely with you to develop strategies that take advantage of available tax deductions, credits, and exemptions, optimizing your financial position both now and in the future.
Business Succession and Protection Planning: Securing Your Business’s Future
As a business owner, your company is not only your livelihood but also a valuable asset. Our business succession and protection planning services are tailored to address the unique challenges faced by business owners in planning for the successful transition of ownership. We’ll help you develop a comprehensive plan that safeguards your business’s future and ensures a smooth transition for all parties involved.

Long Term Care Planning

What is your plan if you or your spouse needed help with daily living?  This is the single most important threat to your estate.  The cost of assisted living or nursing home can wipe out your estate in a few short years.  The good news is there is a lot we can do to mitigate this risk.  Traditionaly there was only long term care insurance, which you may or may not use.  There are only a handful of places you can still get a traditional long term care policy.  Let us show you some of the newest ways to protect yourself against the cost of long term care.

Financial Advisor Services
Single-Issue Planning: Addressing Your Specific Needs
Sometimes, you may require specialized financial planning assistance for a specific financial goal or concern. Our single-issue planning services are designed to address these unique needs comprehensively. Whether it’s planning for a major purchase, managing debt, or navigating a life-changing event, our team is here to provide you with expert guidance and personalized solutions.
Defined Benefit Pension and Social Security Maximization Strategies: Optimizing Your Retirement Benefits
Maximizing retirement benefits is essential for ensuring a comfortable and secure retirement. Our team will analyze your specific pension and Social Security situation to create a customized strategy that maximizes your retirement income. Whether you’re a pension holder, eligible for Social Security benefits, or both, we’ll help you navigate the intricacies of these programs and make informed decisions for your retirement. At Strategic Wealth Investments, LLC, we’re committed to guiding you towards financial success and security, and our team of experienced financial advisors is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive financial planning services that align with your unique needs and aspirations. So contact us today to schedule a consultation, and take the first step towards building a prosperous and worry-free future.

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